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Imagine yourself in that perfect setting, perfect design and perfect celebration! We work with you to make sure the experience, as well as the planning, is unforgettable. Our passion lies in building events from the ground up, infusing the personalities of each of our clients, our expertise and exponential resources.

Here is a peek into our planning and design process. We rely on using our senses to build an event:

See: We see with our eyes…When people walk in we make sure they see your personality!


Hear: We listen with our ears…The key for us is communication. We want to hear it all! Too much information is never enough.


Touch: Now that we see your design and hear your plans, we bring the event to life by infusing textures that evoke the senses.


Smell: Together we explore different floral elements that reflect your personality and style.


Taste: We love tastings and are self-acclaimed foodies! We make sure your event has an array of various food elements from comfort to five-star dining, in order to provide the culinary touch your event deserves.

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